Proudly independent since 2010

We are not part of the huge corporate group that many shutter companies now belong to. We are proudly independent, and consistently hear from our customers that it makes all the difference in how they deal with us and what we are able to do for them. 

Enjoy unbeatable lead times for your customers with our all-inclusive train freight pricing, delivering value that exceeds expectations.

A little history...

We understand, we’ve been there.

Our earliest origins were in retail, so we understand all the moving parts of your business better than anyone. This gives us a unique perspective on our sector that allows Trade to operate in a way that best serves you, our customers.

In 2015, we saw an opportunity to allow smaller retailers access to our owned production lines, allowing them the same shutter quality, production stability, and unrivalled freight lead times with no minimum order per month.

Supplying ten companies turned into fifty, which turned into hundreds of independent shutter suppliers up and down the country, all through word of mouth and being easy to deal with.

A huge part of what we got right in the beginning was owning our logistics. We don’t sub our deliveries to large firms. Our own drivers and our own fleet of vans will deliver your order. This ensures the shutters are handled with the due care and attention a bespoke product needs.

All of the little things that made us big remain important to us, and we uphold them to this day.

Our product. Your brand.

Wrap yourself around us.

We know a good product is the backbone of your business. That’s why we’re trusted by hundreds of independent shutter supply companies up and down the UK.

Our shutters (and their packaging) are entirely unbranded, allowing you to wrap your own branding and service levels around our white-label product.

Our shutters have been seen in many big-brand UK retailers over the years due to our consistency in production and overall end-customer satisfaction. You can rest easy knowing that the product you rely on has also been picked and heavily quality-assessed by some of the largest home retailers in the country.

Comprehensive training service

Don’t know your Z-Frame from your L-Frame? No problem.

We have a fully comprehensive training program available if you’re a bit rusty or new to shutters entirely.

We have trained hundreds of fitters over the years with our practical, hands-on workshop led by our in-house team. We can even do this remotely should you prefer to watch and take notes from afar.

If you want to have shutters as an addition to an existing business, we also have a full fitting service available, where we will come out to your job, survey, order, and fit the shutters for you. Allowing you a complete turn-key solution for your business.

No tiered pricing

One, fair market price with plenty of warning of any changes.

Rather than get involved with hard-to-understand and ever-changing deals, we prefer to keep one price for everyone. You can then suitably plan your business costs once, rather than every few weeks with fleeting ‘deals’.

We carefully track the cost of raw materials, manufacturing, and freight to bring you the best market price, and we keep this price stable for as long as we can.

When prices move, either up or down, we give you fair warning and time to make the adjustments on your side. The team here is well versed in negotiating the best prices for all our components that make up your order, and since it is our factory and our substantial collective buying power, you can be sure we’re bringing a fair wholesale price to you, our customer.

We are your support team

We are here for any questions of concerns.

We are a small but mighty team here to help oil the cogs of your business.

We’re here to support you; however, you need us too. Prefer WhatsApp over calls? No problem; we’ll do that. Wish to schedule what we affectionately call a ‘Van Chat’ with us during your downtime between jobs to discuss anything you want to chat about or any market concerns? Of course. We’ve helped many businesses navigate what has been a tricky period for retail worldwide.

Your dedicated Account Manager will get to know you and pop up when appropriate to let you know of anything we think may benefit you or your bottom line. But equally, we know when to fade into the background and let you run your business. Sometimes it’s just nice to know there’s someone about should you need them.

We own our production line

Overseas and UK Production Available

What feels like many moons ago now, after not finding the quality we were looking for, we embarked on setting up our own production line. It was no mean feat. Still, it meant we could control the excellent matte-finish paint that we’re known for, use mortise and tenon joinery on our certified hardwood, and reinforce our PVC shutters with aluminium so they never warp or bend.

We’re also masters at getting our product from overseas to the UK in record time. During COVID, while other shutter wholesalers spiralled to a 22-week delivery time, we were significantly inside of that. No one likes not knowing where their delivery is, so we always tell you when you can expect to receive your shipments and continually reach out with updates as we hear them.

Our UK-Made Shutter can be with you in 3 weeks.

It's made by our team in Essex, and it's a great shutter - even if we do say so ourselves.

 In 2018, we invested in our own production line at our HQ in Chelmsford, Essex. It runs almost 24 hours a day with a team of skilled shutter manufacturers who have a keen eye for detail and are committed to bringing you the fastest lead time without compromising on quality. 

Our UK shutter is made of uPVC with an aluminium core to prevent warping or bending. This is not your average shutter and is indistinguishable from our wooden product. It is painted in the same matt-finish white paint, which customers love. It’s fully moisture-resistant too, making it a great match for a lot of UK houses. It is also the perfect option for closing sales during time-constricted dates, such as Christmas. When other manufacturers have long closed their Christmas books, you can sweep up and offer installs with a 15-20 day lead time.

Our reliable train freight service.

Our tried and tested method of getting shutters to you, fast.

We have solely been using the freight train to get your shutters into the UK for several years now, as opposed to the much slower shipping containers that can take a number of weeks to get here.

Our fast route into the UK follows the old path of the silk trains, passing through Germany before finally coming to the UK. We can track every step of this journey, and it’s become a firm favourite with our Trade Shutter customers over the years due to its dependability. 

Freight is included in the price of your shutters with options to upgrade to train freight shown in the portal. 

Contact Trade Shutters

Should you need to contact Trade Shutters, we always have dedicated staff members available to provide support through a range of different channels like WhatsApp, Live Chat, and the good, old-fashioned telephone.

So whether you have an issue you want to address or you simply just want someone to talk to, there’s always someone at Trade willing to help. 

When you become a Trade customer, you’ll receive a dedicated number for your account manager, where they will support you via the channel you prefer most. 

General Enquiries

Our offices are open from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are able to sort out most issues over the phone at 0203 582 2645.

Technical Support

We understand that sometimes a little help is needed. If you’re looking for support with your product, then our Technical Director, Darren Bishop, is just a phone call away. He is reachable at 0203 5824358 during business hours. Alternatively you can email,

Find us

Barn 3, Runwell Hall Farm, Rettendon, Essex, CM3 8DQ

We’re a little off the beaten track, so for a nudge in the right direction, continue as follows: exit via Hoe Lane and use the first entrance just past the small arched bridge. Though the area is picturesque, for safety reasons in cold weather, please use the second entrance that can be found if you continue along Hoe Lane.

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