£109.99/m2 for hardwood - including express train freight.

Cost is £109.99/m2 + VAT. The price example is for a full-height certified hardwood shutter. Normal uplifts apply for shapes, bays etc.

Your price point should be automatically updated in the portal. New to Trade? Open an account with us to take advantage of the fastest lead time in the industry. 

Proudly independent since 2010.

We are not part of the huge corporate group that many shutter companies now belong to. We are proudly independent and consistently hear from our customers that it makes all the difference in how they deal with us and what we are able to do for them. 

Trade Shutters customers receiving their orders during Covid19.

Even during Covid, our customers were the first in the country to receive their orders. Our tried and tested train freight network was able to deliver, even during the toughest of times, and our customers comfortably beat the competition by months, not weeks. 

Trade Shutters is the first in the UK to receive shipments of shutters from overseas – showing the front of the newspapers from Friday 20th March 2020.

Hardwood for MDF Prices

Our certified hardwood costs less per square metre than most MDF prices. Choose a better product for a similar price.

Easy Online Ordering

Make your first order now on your tablet or mobile device through our unique and easy to use online ordering system, The Portal.

Delivered to your Door 

Don’t have the warehouse space? We can deliver shutters directly to your customers for you to fit.

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Knowledgable Team

Our team of highly skilled window shutter experts are always available to provide support whenever you need it.

Darren leading a Trade training workshop.

Our Mission

Our mission at Trade Shutters is simple. We want to introduce quality to the window shutter industry.

Consistently, we have seen window shutters made in bulk that simply ignore the standard that is expected of the bespoke sector. 

We have worked tirelessly to source a unique product that is unrivalled when it comes to style and truly in a class of its own. Achieving our goal of a better service, improved product and greater margins is something we will continue to strive for whilst we grow as a business.