The Engine

Our unique and easy to use online ordering system, The Portal is the engine that fuels Trade Shutters

Order Tracking

Planning installations can often be disrupted when you don’t have access to all the information. We have live order tracking available, so you can stay fully informed at every step of the way. You’ll get a personal email when your order is out for delivery.

Delivery Status

If you’d like to know where and when your package will be arriving, then it is easy to log into the portal to check. This makes scheduling pick-ups or deliveries to your warehouse simple and avoids any confusion.

Free Information Guides

Once you have set up an account, you have unlimited access to all of our information guides. These include a measuring guide, a fitting guide and a brief run-through of the scenarios that you may come across while completing an installation. All delivered by our in-house experts.

Easy To Use

The Portal was designed with the user in mind. Setting up an order has never been simpler; just input your measurements and confirm your order. If you do need any help with your first order, we are more than happy to assist.

Graphic Display

When creating your order a sketch of your measurements will appear. You can visualise your product and see if any information has been inputted incorrectly before the order is processed.

Marketing Resources

When you’re marketing a new product, it can take a while to find out everything you need to know to promote it to your customers. Thanks to the Portal, you can find all the necessary resources online that will help, such as information on the range, colour schemes, and materials.

Risk Assessment

Should any issues occur while trying to make your order, there are carefully designed error messages that will inform you of the problem and how to rectify it. This will minimise any problems with your order that could end up costing you money.

Online Payment

To make the whole ordering process as seamless as possible, you can arrange payment online. Therefore ensuring there is always a record of payment and making the process as speedy as ever.

Personal Account Information

Each account has a personal log-in to The Portal and will have your information stored on your individual account, which only the account manager and dealer can access. This reduces any risk of fraud and makes your Trade Shutters experience completely unique.