Our Shutters

For high quality bespoke shutters we have plenty of options for you to choose from, so you can create your product just the way you want it. 


The quality of window shutters are determined by the materials used, and it is for this reason that Trade Shutters only use FSC grade wood and sustainably sourced UPVC for our fantastic range of bespoke interior window shutters.

Louvre And Stile Sizes

We strive to offer the best louvre and stile sizes in the industry. After all, it is the little touches that make a window shutter great. We supply the smallest stiles in our sector, 38.1mm to be exact. We provide bespoke services for your needs.

Frame Types

Our range of frame types are so vast that we have put them into four separate groups just to avoid any confusion. The diverse amount of frame options we offer gives you a variety of alternatives when it comes to fitting your shutters.

Shutter Styles

Our wide range of shutter styles are available to all of our accounts once they have signed up. We offer six unique types of window shutters for you to market a differentiated, elegant product to your customers.

Hinge Options

Aesthetically the hinges are a vital part of any window shutter. At Trade Shutters we have carefully chosen a variety of hinge colour options with removable pins for an easy and quick installation process.

Tilt Mechanisms

The tilt mechanisms that we have available are intended to add style and functionality to the Trade Shutters range. We have three types of tilt mechanisms giving you the benefit of choice.